Food and Water Security in the Context of Sustainable Development


  •   Enoch Terlumun Iortyom

  •   Patrick Kargbo


A review of food and water security in the context of sustainable development is the purpose of this study. Food and water security are complicated sustainable development challenges that are linked to both health and sustainable economic development through malnutrition. These are contained in the sustainable development SDGs such as 2 and 6 (Zero Hunger) (Sanitation and clean water). This paper is a review of food and water security that has to do with the conceptual issues, stylized facts on food and water security, food and water security nexus, factors militating against food security around the world, related empirical studies and way forward, Having pointed out some of the factors militating against food and water security such global warming/ climate change, disease outbreak and insecurity etc. strong conclusion and recommendation were made such as fight against insecurity and diseases outbreak, good sanitation and hygiene should also be promoted and sustained, good agricultural policy formation and implementation amongst other things will play out to promote food and water security, hence, to achieve sustainable economic development.

Keywords: Challenges, Food Security, Global Warming, Hunger, Insecurity, Nexus, Malnutrition, Sustainable Development, Water Security


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